Room service via hotel’s mobile app

Soon the question won’t be whether your hotel has a connected app — it’ll be how good your hotel’s app is. — Grant Martin

In the past when guests needed room service, they called the reception desk. Today they can put in their orders via a mobile hotel app directly using their smartphones. Customer expectations and behaviors have changed. Soon smartphones will play an enormous role in any hotel stay starting from check-in and pervading through the entire stay. Good news! People can stay connected anywhere at any time.

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5 reasons your hotel needs a mobile app

Every year global hotel revenues reach 550€ billion. According to ETB Travel News, mobile phones are the number onr item to bring people on holiday. Guests use their smartphone during travel and spend a lot of money. 33% of hotels have mobile apps. This means that 67% of hotels right off the bat have a disadvantage to hotels that do. What if you could use a mobile app to prompt guests spend more?

Hotels can also boost their services via a mobile app and increase revenue. The big question is how. Have you ever wondered which problems could solve a mobile app?

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The Power of Beacon Technology in Hotels

beacons in hotels

Did you know that up to 90% of guest time is spent away from hotels? There is a way to personalize and deliver richer guest experiences that drive extra revenue, engagement and customer loyalty for your brand. Beacon technology is still in its infancy, but it has the ability to change the way how guests interact with hotels.

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5+1 Valentine’s hotel marketing tips to win your guests

Valentine's Day is around the corner! Flowers, sweets and gifts hold a special place in our heart! What about creating unforgettable, romantic experiences that will attract all type of guests? Did you know that 82% of people said they’d like an “experience” rather than a gift on Valentine’s Day? Here are some inspirational tips in order to stand out for this special day to boost your bookings and improve your sales strategy for the day.

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