Room service via hotel’s mobile app

Soon the question won’t be whether your hotel has a connected app — it’ll be how good your hotel’s app is. — Grant Martin

In the past when guests needed room service, they called the reception desk. Today they can put in their orders via a mobile hotel app directly using their smartphones. Customer expectations and behaviors have changed. Soon smartphones will play an enormous role in any hotel stay starting from check-in and pervading through the entire stay. Good news! People can stay connected anywhere at any time.

Among the legacy hotel chains, Marriott is one of the first to integrate room service with a smartphone app. Marriott’s app effectively allows guests to order special services like extra pillows or car service up to 72 hours before their stay, though it doesn’t allow them to order meals.

But how a mobile app can upgrade guests’ experience?

  1.  Make them feel like home

    No longer does it make sense to reach for a bedside phone to order breakfast; now, with a hotel smartphone app, guests have freedom to choose whatever they want during a hotel stay. Guests have the opportunity to choose between a variety of meals. They can order champagne and strawberries, without feeling uncomfortable. No more language misunderstandings! Say goodbye to old-fashioned flyers.

  2.  Ensure a direct meal

    It’s your time to shine! Fulfill even the most demanding visitors’ requirements and exceed their expectations. Guests can have access to an interactive catalogue of all available services, costs, potential estimated delivery time and finally place an order. Ordering couldn’t get easier! Guests order breakfast, lunch, drinks or dinner cooked to their preference - from the comfort of their bed.

  3.  Get feedback right inside the app

    Your mobile hotel app could also include a survey function, where guests leave feedback about the quality of your services. If something isn’t as expected, hoteliers can react quickly before a review is posted on social media! Don’t forget! According to Guestdriven, 22% of guests will post on social media if they had a problem versus 9% who haven’t experienced a problem.

What are the benefits for the hotelier?

  1.  Smart decisions with guests’ data

    Gathering data from guests using the app, can offer useful insights about their behavior and preferences. You can learn how users interact, what kind of services they are using more and what they order. Use these data in order to boost guests’ favorite meals and discounts. For example, if they have ordered many times eggs with bacon, offer them a discounted breakfast at bed and be their favorite host! Or what about a bottle of wine for those you are wine-lovers?

  2.  Staff can accomplish more

    Now you don’t have to worry if you have the appropriate staff to support peak times. A mobile app can help to improve hotel staff efficiency, as there will be fewer direct interactions with them. Guests now will have the opportunity to customize their stay and staff will have the opportunity to work in other operational areas. Self-service apps don’t just connect hotel and guests, but also make it easy to organize staff participation. No more missed calls at the reception!

  3.  Instant messaging is the key

    Hoteliers can boost their services without feeling that they might annoy guests. A push notification can inform guests about breakfast discounts, special menus and exclusive offers. This ordering system, that just requires a few clicks, simplifies the purchasing process and boosts turnover.

All of the above only prove that it’s time to change your app-titude! The power and popularity of apps today is beyond boundaries and there are many opportunities to be explored.

Lauro Ferroni, JLL’s head of hotel research states that “Today, it’s about making use of the guest’s own smartphone, rather than installing separate and costly hardware in the room”. A fully customizable hotel mobile app can ensure that all types of transactions are quick and simple, before, during and post the stay.

Mobile apps for hotels are also changing the way guests interact with the service staff and vice versa. For hoteliers, mobile apps are a big opportunity to enhance the guest experience, improve hotel operations and drive repeat business. Use a tailor-made hotel mobile app to boost room service and in-room dining purchases, reward your loyal customers and be their favorite host.

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