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The Power of Beacon Technology in Hotels

beacons in hotels

Did you know that up to 90% of guest time is spent away from hotels? There is a way to personalize and deliver richer guest experiences that drive extra revenue, engagement and customer loyalty for your brand. Beacon technology is still in its infancy, but it has the ability to change the way how guests interact with hotels.

What is bluetooth beacon technology?

Beacon is tiny, designed, location-based sensor that can be placed anywhere in a hotel or the external environment. Using smartphone’s Bluetooth, hotel guests can receive messages with welcoming, informative or promotional content during their staying at your hotel, via push notification. These tailor-made redefined messages can create real-time interaction with your customers with the aim of increasing your hotel’s engagement and revenue.

Ideas on how to use Beacons sensors

Beacons provide a profitable way to market, up-sell a variety of services for your guests and increase your ROI, during the hotel guest cycle process (pre-arrival, arrival, stay, and departure). They can also take away many of your hotel formalities and add the concept of interactivity to your services:

  • Check in service: Your guests might receive a welcome message when they walk through the doors of your property, or a unique hotel special offer to upgrade to a suite upon their arrival.
  • In-room dining offers: The beacon inside the room would be aware that your guest is in the room. A last-call- message will be sent to whose check-in past dinner time, with in-room food options to choose from.
  • Spa hotel services: As soon as they walk into spa area, a special offer with a relaxing full-body couple’s massage that help them to relax and ease the tension of the day.
  • Bar-restaurant: Your guests can receive push notifications for extra offers, such as the most popular dishes, beer or wine tasting at discount, once they reach hotel’s restaurant or bar. This is a win-win situation for both guest and hoteliers - the guest gets personalized messages and hotel could enhance up-selling strategy.
  • Other hotel guest amenities: Last minute hotel deals would also be available for hotel guests at health club or casino areas at your property, when they visit these areas.

The beacon technology enables hotels to use with a variety of interaction scenarios possible. Few examples would be including campaigns to increase engagement, personalization and revenue, using these calls-to-action messages.

Benefits for hotel itself

Beacon in hotel is still new to the industry, but provides a new way to engage with your guests personally, while delivering tailored marketing messages during their stay at your hotel.

  • Engage with guests on a more intimate level and improve their experience.
  • Create new, revenue channels and up-selling amenities opportunities.
  • Added extra value tools to build loyalty, engagement and retain customers.
  • Merchandising of add-ons hotel amenities during guests’ stay.
  • Useful data analytics in real time, insights and behavioral information on their guests' activities and the facilities they consume, so as to improve their overall experience. By outfitting your property with beacons at the pool, bar, restaurant, lobbies, and other areas, you can identify the profit centers and time spent by guests at these centers. You can also measure the concentration of guests at particular times of the day and plan offers and rewards accordingly.
  • Improve your hotel staff’s productivity by finding which rooms are ready for cleaning, either has been checked out, or guests free. As a result, your cleaners never have to knock on a door and disturb your guests.

Benefits for guests

This location – based technology can enhance a great and hassle-free experience during their in – stay at your hotel. Here are some of your services that beacons help you:

  • Avoidance of long check – in queues: The moment they walk into the lobby, within the range of the beacon placed there, they are recognized, and a message is triggered to their phones. As a result, they facilitate the process of mobile check - in.
  • Hotel special offers and loyalty programs: Using beacons, you can define targeted alerts, an offer or a special discount for a beverage to a guest who is already at the bar. Also, you can customize promotions to specific locations in the hotel premises and send them right to your guest’s smartphone.
  • Messages about hotel services or specials events. Beacons can inform guests about highlights or related events near or inside your hotel.

Your opportunity to stand out with beacons strategy is here.

Beacon technology can make your guests’ stay more relevant and personal and as a result can create potentially a much improved guest experience and quality of your hotel facilities and services. If your hotel embraces a beacon-based strategy you will definitely impress your guests - let's get ready for the millennial era.

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