5+1 Valentine’s hotel marketing tips to win your guests

Valentine's Day is around the corner! Flowers, sweets and gifts hold a special place in our heart! What about creating unforgettable, romantic experiences that will attract all type of guests? Did you know that 82% of people said they’d like an “experience” rather than a gift on Valentine’s Day? Here are some inspirational tips in order to stand out for this special day to boost your bookings and improve your sales strategy for the day.

Setting the Valentine’s tone

This romantic day you need everything to be planned down to the smallest detail, accordingly to the love mood. You may focus on decoration, music and restaurant menu at your hotel so as to satisfy your guest’s expectations.

Love is in your hotel’s air

Decorate guest’s rooms and common hotel spaces and the restaurant accordingly, by giving the essential romantic Valentine’s tone. You might use red or pink flowers, as they symbolize energy, passion and love.

Lift them up with music

The central point of Valentine’s Day is music! Create a love song playlist to accompany your guests. Are you ready to fall head over the heels with the best love songs of all time? Anybody adores the sounds of smooth jazz in such a romantic-setting day.

Love passes through the stomach

Enhance guest’s “emotional” value by proposing featured products for the day, like champagne and wine. Tailor the menu of the day, with food and sweets for lovers. You could also offer a glass of champagne or place a chocolate fountain at the reception.

Valentine’s day hotel packages and services

Design, plan and promote Valentine day offers for different people, age groups, and budgets. Your offers can include compelling and personalized packages to meet every expectation. You can plan both cheap and expensive packages for couples; and something special for singles.

We want more Upselling offers

Upselling technique aims to motivate customers to buy more items than they originally intended. You can promote your services in a “lovely” way for this special day. For example, you could offer flowers, that your guests may buy for their other half. Now it is the perfect time to promote your upselling services!

Romantic Tailor-made packages for all

Plan your different packages based on your customers’ profile. Which is more suitable? Here are some packages ideas:

  • Traditional:The all time classic - rose petals, glasses of champagne, breakfast in bed and chocolate covered strawberries.
  • Vivid: Rose petals, bottle of champagne, massage oil and scented candle.
  • Relaxing: Valentine spa break day, couple’s massage and dinner with champagne.
  • Parents’ romantic night for two: A free babysitting for families choose to stay the night at the hotel. Parents can enjoy a romantic evening.
  • Singles: A speed-dating event for singles. You may convert these attendees to hotel guests by charging an admission fee for the dating event, which includes a one-night stay at the hotel!

Be special with a mobile app

Are you aware of the ideal way to up-selling via a hotel-based mobile app? Not only is this a way to upsell, but you can also facilitate them. You can use a mobile application to promote both hotel services and special offers using the app’s features.

  • Room service

Design a truly love related room service that includes a renewed menu dedicated to this special day. You could add for example, a bottle of champagne or sweet treats and more. You do not necessarily need a catalogue; instead, you may present the romantic menu through impressive images, with an interactive way. Do not forget that many couples would enjoy their breakfast in bed!

  • Offers

Organize Valentine offers for your guests. Remember that customers are always looking for special offers. They can access the app in advance, where everything is aggregated. Take into account that your tailor-made packages should be based on the character of your hotel and your customers’ profile.

  • Push Notifications

Send push - messages to guest's smartphone about highlights or love-related events. Follow up with them even after their departure. Using location based devices, like beacons, you can automatically send predefined messages for real-time interaction, such as a spa treatment when guests want to relief with their beloved ones.

  • Outdoors

You may design outdoor activities for guests who want to discover the local area. A good idea would be to make arrangements with local shops or any special event on this specific day. In this way, they can plan their day quite effectively.

In any occasion, focus on creating an offering that reflects the unique characteristics of your hotel and set it apart as a romantic destination by increasing your hotel reservations! Happy Valentine’s and spread the love to your customers!
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