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5 reasons your hotel needs a mobile app

Every year global hotel revenues reach 550€ billion. According to ETB Travel News, mobile phones are the number onr item to bring people on holiday. Guests use their smartphone during travel and spend a lot of money. 33% of hotels have mobile apps. This means that 67% of hotels right off the bat have a disadvantage to hotels that do. What if you could use a mobile app to prompt guests spend more?

Hotels can also boost their services via a mobile app and increase revenue. The big question is how. Have you ever wondered which problems could solve a mobile app?


  • Greater guest satisfaction through timely, personal service, no delays, missed calls or misunderstandings. Guests want to feel special and unique, therefore each quest should be engaged in a unique manner.
  • Get rid of brochures & phone calls, promote amenities and services in an interactive way.
  • Quicker accessibility to information: most would prefer quick answers, easy access to information and be able to get it anywhere.


  • They really do know few things about their guests. John Russell, the president of Harley Davidson states that “The more you engage with customers the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing”.
  •  By using a mobile app, you can reduce workload of concierge, enhance hotel’s awareness and guest’s loyalty.
  •  Upsell and cross-sell to match your guests’ desires! The hotel can effectively use the app to drive additional sales of everything from entertainment to late night snacks.

A mobile app can solve all your problems and offer a tremendous experience to your guests. You can upsell all day long, save money and time and the most important, a mobile app can certainly differentiate your business from your competitors. Are you ready to impress?

1) The more the personalization…the better the conversion!

We recommend that you engage with each guest in the channel they are most comfortable with. Through social media you can learn about guests’ future travel plans and also their past travel experiences. But being more direct matters the most! You can communicate with your guests through a mobile app, that is created based on your hotel’s facilities and needs.

Tip: Don’t forget that guests are more inclined to post extreme experiences on social media and even more if they had a problem during their stay; specifically, 22% of guests will post if they had a problem versus 9% who haven’t experienced a problem.

2) You save time - And time…means money!

By solving your guests’ problems via a mobile app, you save money and time. What does that actually mean? Your front desk won’t answer anymore to questions like “where to eat” or requests like “bring me more towels”. By using a mobile app, you can quickly check data, respond to customers and update your booking information. The best part? You don’t have to be in the office to complete any of those tasks. Think that many guests are not comfortable speaking in the local language, or businesspeople just don’t have time to go down to the front desk. Apps can put the power in their hands, allowing them to check themselves into their room or order room service without ever making a phone call.

Market Metrix also puts it nicely: “By the time a negative review is posted you’re doing damage control, not reputation management “. In other words, hoteliers should aim to make guests feel comfortable throughout the entire travel experience.

3) Upsell all day long!

Upselling technique aims to motivate customers to buy more items than they originally intended. This kind of marketing effort drives revenues upwards, because guests are more likely to respond. How does that really work? Your mobile hotel app, will send personalized messages to a certain selection of guests through push segmentation. What kind of messages could you send? The possibilities are as diverse and unique as your guests. Push segmentation can be leverages to invite couples for a romantic dinner at your restaurant, wish some a Happy Birthday or welcome guests to have a drink at your bar.

Extra Tip: You can use push notifications to alert guests for special offers. For example, you could send a segmented message to wine lovers and call them to enjoy a glass of wine between 19:00-22:00 and save 25%.

4) We are living in the mobile future

According to Little Hotelier, mobile apps are fast becoming the new best friend of travelers. Smartphones are everywhere, and consequently also are apps. SDL states that millennials touch their smartphones 43x per day, while 97% of them say they share pictures in social media while travelling. Mobile devices come along with travelers on their trips, and become their new travel companion. The ‘always-connected traveler’ replaced printed maps and city guides. Nearly 85% of travelers book activities on their mobile device. It’s about time to seize this opportunity!

5) How other hotels use mobile apps?

Marriott Hotels app lets users check in to their hotel any time after 4 pm the day before their arrival and can pick up their pre-programmed key-card at special expedited mobile check-in desks. If guests arrive before their room is ready, the app will send them an automatic notification when their room is ready. Another example, the Conrad Concierge app from Hilton Worldwide. This app acts as a full-service concierge, allowing users to do things like order room service, book hotel spa treatments, choose what kinds of bath amenities they want stocked in their bathrooms and arrange airport transportation.

New hospitality demands for continuous guest engagement. So, what will you do about that? Occasional phone calls and few face to face interactions are out of date! Messaging has a vital role in providing your hotel the ability to engage and upsell guests. Good News! Guests seem to appreciate this convenience, hotels with integrated apps report an 18% increase in room service. Despite these opportunities, most hoteliers aren’t taking advantage of today mobile technology. However, developing a custom and branded mobile app is within reach for many business, even those with small budgets.

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